Archives store solutions found by a QD algorithm.

ribs.archives.GridArchive(*, solution_dim, ...)

An archive that divides each dimension into uniformly-sized cells.

ribs.archives.CVTArchive(*, solution_dim, ...)

An archive that divides the entire measure space into a fixed number of cells.

ribs.archives.SlidingBoundariesArchive(*, ...)

An archive with a fixed number of sliding boundaries on each dimension.

ribs.archives.ArchiveBase(*, solution_dim, ...)

Base class for archives.


A status returned by the add() method in an archive.

ribs.archives.Elite(solution, objective, ...)

Represents a single elite in an archive.

ribs.archives.EliteBatch(solution_batch, ...)

Represents a batch of elites.

ribs.archives.ArchiveDataFrame(*args, **kwargs)

A modified DataFrame for archive data.

ribs.archives.ArchiveStats(num_elites, ...)

Holds statistics about an archive.

ribs.archives.CQDScoreResult(iterations, ...)

Stores the result of running cqd_score().