Miscellaneous visualization tools.

These functions are similar to matplotlib functions like scatter() and pcolormesh(). When called, these functions default to creating plots on the current axis. After plotting, functions like xlabel() and title() may be used to further modify the axis. Alternatively, if using maplotlib’s object-oriented API, pass the ax parameter to these functions.


This module only works with ribs[visualize] installed. As such, it is not imported with import ribs, and it must be explicitly imported with import ribs.visualize.


Plots heatmap of a GridArchive with 1D or 2D measure space.


Plots heatmap of a CVTArchive with 2D measure space.


Plots heatmap of a SlidingBoundariesArchive with 2D measure space.

ribs.visualize.parallel_axes_plot(archive[, ...])

Visualizes archive elites in measure space with a parallel axes plot.