Archives store solutions found by a QD algorithm.


After construction, each archive must be initialized by calling its initialize() method before it can be used. If using the optimizers in ribs.optimizers, this will be done automatically by the optimizer.

ribs.archives.GridArchive(dims, ranges[, …])

An archive that divides each dimension into uniformly-sized bins.

ribs.archives.CVTArchive(bins, ranges[, …])

An archive that divides the entire behavior space into a fixed number of bins.

ribs.archives.SlidingBoundariesArchive(dims, …)

An archive with a fixed number of sliding boundaries on each dimension.

ribs.archives.ArchiveBase(storage_dims, …)

Base class for archives.


A status returned by the add() method in an archive.

ribs.archives.Elite(sol, obj, beh, idx, …)

Represents a single elite in an archive.

ribs.archives.ArchiveDataFrame(*args, **kwargs)

A modified DataFrame for archive data.

ribs.archives.ArchiveStats(num_elites, …)

Holds statistics about an archive.