Archive implementations and associated utilities.

The archive is a data structure that stores solutions generated by the QD algorithm, along with any information relevant to solutions, such as objective and measure values.

The archives in this subpackage are arranged in a one-layer hierarchy, with all archives inheriting from ArchiveBase. This subpackage also contains several utilities associated with the archives, such as ArchiveDataFrame.

ribs.archives.GridArchive(*, solution_dim, ...)

An archive that divides each dimension into uniformly-sized cells.

ribs.archives.CVTArchive(*, solution_dim, ...)

An archive that divides the entire measure space into a fixed number of cells.

ribs.archives.SlidingBoundariesArchive(*, ...)

An archive with a fixed number of sliding boundaries on each dimension.

ribs.archives.ArchiveBase(*, solution_dim, ...)

Base class for archives.

ribs.archives.ArrayStore(field_desc, capacity)

Maintains a set of arrays that share a common dimension.


A status returned by the add() method in an archive.

ribs.archives.ArchiveDataFrame(*args, **kwargs)

A modified DataFrame for archive data.

ribs.archives.ArchiveStats(num_elites, ...)

Holds statistics about an archive.

ribs.archives.CQDScoreResult(iterations, ...)

Stores the result of running cqd_score().