Tutorials are Python notebooks with detailed explanations of pyribs usage. They may be run locally or on Google Colab. Each tutorial page has a link to open the tutorial in Google Colab.

Key Algorithms

We recommend new users start with these tutorials which demonstrate how to use the key algorithms in pyribs.


The following tutorials show how pyribs can implement a variety of algorithms for different problems.


Finally, these tutorials provide a closer look at some of the features of pyribs.

Running Locally

If you would like to run the tutorials locally, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the notebooks from GitHub here.

  2. Install Jupyter Lab:

    pip install jupyterlab
  3. Start Jupyter Lab. This should open a window in your browser.

    jupyter lab
  4. Open the notebook from within the Jupyter Lab browser window.

Note that each notebook contains cell magic that installs the dependencies it needs for execution, so even if you have not installed the dependencies on your own, running the notebook will install the dependencies for you.